Appointed Visa agent for Korea Visa

16 February, 2022

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea Singapore is accepting tourism / business visa applications submitted through appointed visa agents from applicants who are fully vaccinated in Singapore.

Corporate Travel Services Pte Ltd is pleased to announce that we are one of the appointed agents to submit Korea visa applications on behalf of travellers.

Our in-house team can assist with the application process for the following categories of visas:

  • C-3-4 Short-Term Business Visa
  • C-3-9 Short-Term Tourism Visa
  • C-3-1 Humanitarian Visa for Visiting Korean Family
  • C-3-1 Humanitarian Visa for Visiting Family (ARC)
  • C-3-1 General Visa (Conference, Competition, Training… etc)
  • C-4-5 Short-Term Employment (Working) Visa
  • D-2 Student Visa (Full-time Degree / Exchange Programme)
  • D-4-1 Korean Language Training Visa

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